Oct 15

[FR] Styx s'invite chez NoLife!

Il y a quelque jours, deux membres de notre équipe, Guillaume, chef de projet, et Julien, Lead Game designer, se sont rendus dans les locaux de NoLife pour parler du jeu !

La vidéo est à découvrir ici :

Oct 02


Sep 30


Sep 19

Akenash dwellers #4 - Elves

Now let’s talk a bit about one of the other humanoid species that lives in the Tower of Akenash: the elves.

Living as close as possible to the Tree, the elves are allowed in the Tower thanks to a treaty made between their ambassador and the Akenash governor. But only because they are uniquely able to collect the amber as the sap of the Tree can push to insanity any human who touches it in its purest form.

Even if most elves will chase you on sight, their ambassador is more likely to hear you out.

But, a life spent close to the amber leaves traces… They can feel the amber near them and communicate with every amber creature. What a pity that our character is the addict type. You would definitetly not want to be detected by one of those. They may be thin but they are good hunters.

The player will need to adapt his playing style if he wants to get past them.


The elves appearance was controversial and we needed a lot of different concept before choosing one.


Dev team just wanna have fun !


Final version of the elves

Associate Producer

Sep 15

Question of the week #6

Today we will answer a question from “Robert John Guarente” posted on Facebook: How long is the game, how much will it be, are there unlockables, is there a play through plus, is there replay value?????

Hi Robert,

You will need about 20 hours to finish the story depending of your play style. If you want to finish the game at 100% it will be quite a challenge: Of course, you will have to finish the story (that is a challenge in itself ^^), but you will also have to succeed all sub-missions and get the 4 ensigns for each mission:

* Finish the mission without killing anyone. Yes you can also use the gentle way to accomplish Styx’s destiny and you have many ways to avoid killing people, starting with being the most discreet as possible.

* Finish the mission without being spotted a single time. The AI is attentive to a lot of details, like movement, past events, sounds, suspect bodies on the ground… but an accident can so easily happen! ;)

* Collecting all items in the mission, there is more than 300 of it to find!

* Finish the mission as quick as possible. Once you’ll be used to Styx’s capacities, you’ll be able to challenge yourself and try to find the fastest means and ways to reach your goals.

As you can imagine, it will be hard to be totally unseen and be as quick as possible in a single run; it’s where you will play with the challenge mode that allow you to replay any mission with all the skills you have unlocked in story mode. Been unseen or been quick will force you to try to found alternative paths and alternative way to handle situations. You’ll see that it’s a complete different experience!

Last but not least, some treasures are hidden into the Tower of Akenash; Will you be able find them?



If you have any question you would like to ask to the team about the game, please post it below this thread or on our Facebook page! We’ll be happy to answer you in the next Question of the week.

Project Manager

Sep 11


Sep 08

Building the Game #1 - Handling NPC

« Look, if you make this guard run toward here, we can push him down this cliff. And when he’ll splatter the lower floor, and the other npc runs toward his body, THEN you can unsrew this crane’s load and kill every single one of them ! »

The level designers sure are a weird bunch. They quite enjoy giving new, exotic ways for a player to kill people. Or be killed, it mostly depends on their mood.

Kismet, the script system in the Unreal Engine, is pretty powerful.
It allows you to create complex patrols.


Your basic guard will just stand there, sleeping…


but by adding another pathnode, and telling him not to sleep, you could make him go look left and right…


… add yet another pathnode, throw in an animation, and he can go drink some (poisonable!) water…


and you could add a bit of script so whenever his friend in the background leaves his spot, your first guard will notice and go investigate…


Oops. Oh well.

Level Designer

Sep 04


Aug 20

Akenash dwellers #3 – Knights

Now for the Knights…

These are real killers with weapon-proof armor SO stay away.
These invicible creatures can be recognized from afar by the shining gem on their armor. Don’t be dazed by the brillance of this gem or be ready to die.


One of the concept arts made for researchs on knights.


How this dangerous ennemy looks now ingame.

Is there a way to get rid of him?

Stay tuned for more info on Akenash dwellers!

Project Manager

Aug 12

Specialize your Amber powers, with the skill-trees!

Today we’re going to discover more in details the powers that Styx can acquire from the magical Amber substance.

During a mission you will gain XP that can be used to unlock numerous skills. These skills are arranged into 6 skill-trees: Stealth, Agility, Clone, Amber vision, Equipment and Assassination. 


With this skill-tree, it is all about being discreet! Styx can develop his capabilities to get heart palpitation when an enemy gets close, and avoid any surprises. He can also improve his invisibility skill and make it more efficient.


Moving with agility is very important when you don’t want to be detected. In this skill-tree, Styx can choose to fall without any sound or to be able to throw his projectiles twice the distance. 


Styx’s best friend also has a skill-tree dedicated to him! You can give him some diversion skills or even offensive abilities.


Amber is the source of Styx’s magical powers. He manipulates its magical properties and improves the way he uses it. For example, the amber vision, which gives Styx a special perception of the environment, can last twice longer.


Apart from his powers, Styx also has some tools at his disposal, as his knives for example. You will be able to enlarge your capacity of carry theses weapons or amber phials using this skill-tree. 


This skill-tree will help you to improve your assassination techniques to be more efficient. So you’ll be able to kill someone while hanging from an edge or even assassinate an enemy even when you are under cover. 

…That’s not all! There’s a seventh mysterious skill-tree that you’ll be able to unlock only under certain conditions… But we will let you discover it while playing the game! 

Use your skills wisely and at the right time, and they will be your best weapons towards victory in Styx: Master of Shadows! 

Camille ‘Jolly Roger’
Communication & Community Manager